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This is something I was expecting. Only it is way more enjoyable that I expected.

Oh yes, I am talking about awkward and random moments with my “host”. You know, walking from the bathroom in my towel–awkward. Or walking into the backroom only to find a cute pair of eyes staring down at me from the top shelf amidst all the potted plants:

But I have actually considered trying out some awkward moments to test some limits. For instance, maybe making breakfast naked.

All this stemmed from a conversation about making this experience a reality show. The hosts are contestants and whomever does the best job hosting wins! But there would be tests, such as who survives the best through awkward moments or who makes me the best pies (hint hint Sam). Host physical attractiveness and couch comfiness were also potential qualifiers.

What do yall think? Should I push the idea to a network? I think I could make some money off this idea, so let me know…


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It’s been a while…

Sorry it has been a while. How I have missed you all. But, it has been an eventful two weeks. Let’s see, I last blogged right before I moved. I was packing–and having a blast with it, really. Until my old roommate went psycho on me. Which was not very fun, let me tell you. In a nutshell, she owed me a little bit of money over past internet bills and she had a problem with this. Instead of sitting down and rationally talking about it, she wrote me a sob-case letter about how I am a horrible, overbearing person. Well, this is the third time she has freaked out on me in the last 6 months and created drama out of nothing (the last time started with lettuce in the sink). Since I do not appreciate high-drama friends, I plan on having minimal contact with her for a while. I am high drama enough, thank you, without having other self-centric, high drama people in my life to muck it up further.

Anyways, onward with the story. I was trying to finish packing so that I could be moved before I flew to visit my sister at 6am, Nov. 27th. And I succeeded. Barely. Here was what some of the final chaos looked like:
Chaos Packing

But eventually, I got is all packed and moved. My good friend Jolly helped me move the big stuff like the futon and some mattresses. We moved the stuff to be stored into Sam Applegate’s garage for now… I finished moving and cleaned the apartment with 15 minutes to spare before I had to drive to the airport at 3am. Awesome!

Then I was off to visit family in Indiana and northern Kentucky. Woo hoo. This visit just solidifies how much I hate the midwest. As proof, I passed this amazing creation of humanity, Touchdown Jesus:

touchdown jesus
It is right outside of Cincinnati and is also as scary as it looks. Oh, I also realized how much you cannot choose your family, no matter how much you may want to. But that is for another blog altogether…

And then I came home to Colorado. And wow, was I happy to be back! But sans a physical home, where am I now “living”? Well, I have been enjoying the coziness of Mr. Lance Everette’s abode for about a week now. I have the front room:
new digs

I also realized how gracious a soul Lance is–I messed up his house and cluttered his back room while I was traveling… But, now I am here, settled, and happy. I still feel the need to downsize a bit, but whatever. So, if you have some extra cash or a free beer for some packing assistance, let me know…

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