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Yup. Pictures to follow. Rob P. is fully legit, btw. I have a little bit more stuff than he thought but took it in stride. Plus, I am gonna store a little of it–there was stuff I needed at Lance’s that I don’t need here. Like a couple blankets because Lance’s house is cold.

Anyways, just woke up and walked to Lamar’s Donuts to grab some coffee and donuts. Then I checked my email, XKCD, Exploding Dog and Buy Olympia for the lastest cool artsy stuff. I like living here already.

I did have a moment of longing last night as I was moving stuff over. I really really wanted my own place. Having my own place to claim as “my own place”, not having to move stuff around, have friends over, etc… It would be chill. This was the first time I felt that so far.

But yeah. Gotta get ready for work. Which I love, btw. I love working at Jax.



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New Local

Well, I am aiming to finish moving in with my friend Rob Prescott today. After talking with my friend Sam (the original person I was suppose to live with this month), she decided that me + her roommates + her would be a tight fit in the house. So, with two weeks notice that I did not have somewhere to live for January, I asked Rob. He said yes.

Unfortuantely/fortunately, he is away for the next 5 days. He is playing in the mountains. I will be working. Good thing I have his living room at my disposal! Mwa-Hahahaha!

But in the past two weeks, I have done fun stuff like snowshoe, ski, hang out, watch Southpark and cook. I have found out that I like making a lot of food and then eating it for a couple days. Making many small breakfast burritos and then eating them slowly over the week not only saves time in the morning, but also saves money. Breakfast if I were to eat out every morning–unhealthy and ~$3.50 every morning. Breakfast burrito–$0.50 sausage+$0.20 egg+$0.10 potato+$0.30 cheese+$0.10 tortilla=$1.20 awesome healthy breakfast burrito. That’s $6 for breakfast an entire work week/$24 for breakfast for an entire month… Word.

I have also made pot roast. Twice. Here’s the monetary breakdown for this: $5 meat, $1.70 potatoes, $1.20 carrots, $0.80 onion, $1.29 spice packet (ranch dressing mix), $1.29 vegetable stock = ~$10.50 for 5 to 6 meals (~$1.70-$2 per meal). And those are mostly organic/natural products. Rock!

So, staying on this healthy, inexpensive eating kick will also save me money. Woot! And so I plan on saving for a boat trip in late March/early April that my friend Arlo invited me on. Here are some pictures of me from the last boat trip:
That’s me with the red gloves and the excited “Woooooo!” face. Super excited for this trip!

Well, back to packing up/taking my bed apart/dancing.

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