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Sunrises. Sunsets.

I have a tendency to love sunrises and sunsets. Love. There is something magical and beautiful about the beginning and the end of daylight.

So, this is a brief post. Here are pictures of a recent sunset that illuminated Fort Collins with an eerie pink/purple light:FoCo SunsetSunset 2

As well as pictures of a sunrise hike of Greyrock the night after an ice storm. We expected the cold. We did not expect the ice to leave such an impact. Every tree was coated in fluffy ice, and Jolly and I felt like we were in a winter wonderland or a Dr. Seuss book:Sunrise from GreyrockIcey Greyrock DawnDelicate Spears made of ice

For more, check out my flickr page.  If you would desire any of my photos for excellent wall decor, they run ~$20 a print. I can even photoshop you into them for a little extra. You let me know…


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So, I have been packing a lot the last two days. It started with the advent of selling a couple furniture items. Without stuff to hold my stuff, I decided to start boxing the stuff in preparation for storage.

Here are some pictures of the chaos of the living room:
Chaos 1
AND my bedroom:
Chaos 2

So after so much busy busy packing/making chaos, one feels the need to take a break. What happens to be more stress relieving than doing crack cocaine? Yup. Dancing.

Just so you know. You know, for the next time you are packing and need a break. Don’t go to the bar. Don’t eat dinner at a friend’s house. Don’t go to work. Dance. Dance in your living room. What’s that lame saying: “Dance like no one’s watching?” Well, I say, “Dance like everyone’s watching and you just don’t give a f@#$!”

Today was a good day. I feel…spunky. Let me tell you why.

Background: When I first saw that REI had cut me down to 8 hours, I thought “you’ve got to be kidding me?” So, I wrote that on the schedule: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Right next to my name. Anyone who knows me knows I speak my mind. BUT, when my coworkers asked me how I was coping, I did not berate the management. I know that they really had no choice. Headquarters mandated this scheduling crunch. However, you’ve got to be kidding me? I was having at least one panic attack a day. More like two or three a day. For eight or nine days. I woke up at least once a night. More like two or three times a night, worried sick over how I was going to support myself. Did they expect me to eat with 8 hours a week? With as hard as I work? As much as I contribute? As loyal as I am to that stupid co-op?

Do you know how sane–let alone friendly–someone is after crying two or three times a day and not having a single good night’s sleep for over a week?

So, back to the story. My manager pulled me into his office last night to berate me for writing that on the schedule. “What did you mean by that?” “Do you think that people who didn’t even get 8 hours would have interpreted that poorly?” “Being where you are now, knowing you are getting regular hours, would you go back and not have done that?” (Oh, and btw, by “regular,” he meant I was up to 20hrs that week–not even full time hours.)

Well, here are my answers. Respectively. “I meant, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ ” “No. They would have seen that and agreed. You have got to be kidding. This schedule is ridiculous for every single person involved.” “No. I most certainly would not have done anything differently. You people did not even give us 24 hours notice before cutting out hours dramatically. Do you not know that we eat with this money? Do you not know that some of us have kids who we are medically insuring with this job? Do you not fully understand the panic that you caused, given that you have your secure, salaried job? If you cannot admit that you did wrong by not letting us know a week–shit, 4 days–before you cut the schedule, how can you ask me to go back and say I did wrong by writing 1…3…5…6, 6 words on the last page of the schedule where 5-10 people at most would see it?”

But what do I care about this crap job anyway? How can I be so loyal to a job that treats me like I am not worth what they pay me? Silly human conscious.

Well, in celebration to not caring sooner than later, I pack up my unnecessary worldly belongings and dance. And soooo, if you would like a dance partner and have some extra cash for a lesson in not giving a f@#$ about what others think, you let me know…

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Fiber and Skiing

I decided to get very distracted this weekend. First, an alpaca show and then my first-of-the-season skiing at A Basin, CO.

My co-worker Janie and I went to the Fall Alpaca Festival in Northern Colorado. We walked around for about 3 hours looking at alpacas and fleece products. We saw a variety of colors and fleece types, ages and personalities. This show only solidified my desire to be an alpaca breeder and fiber artist. Holy crap. Amazing creatures that have amazing fleece. So, now my mind is preoccupied with alpaca. I mean, really, look how adorable they are!
Alpaca Cria Here is some interesting info about alpacas: Babies are called crias. Alpaca can be found in two varieties: suri and haucaya (pronounced “wa-kie-ya”). Suri is more rare and has silky fleece. Haucaya is common and has thicker fleece. It also doesn’t matter what type you have–alpaca fleece is softer, silker, and less irritating than sheep wool, insulates just as well, and can be knitted or woven into anything. Rugs made out of this stuff are AMAZING. And as far as I can tell, they may be easier to care for and better around children than sheep, horses, cattle, etc…

At this point, you are probably wondering, “Why does she care? This doesn’t seem profitable at all. Kate, why are you crazy?” I know. I think about the same thing all the time. Being a scientist, I can only answer these quandaries with hard facts. For instance, I saw a pair of gloves for $36 (and I saw three people buy a pair in 10 minutes). And the gloves didn’t even have fingers! A woven place-mat (18″x12″) ran $40-60 depending on the vendor. Sweaters? You would be appalled! ~$100. Yeah. Make stuff out of the fleece and you are probably going to profit. I’m just saying it!

Not to mention you can do silly things with alpacas like enter them into costume contests and make them hula hoop…
Elf AlpacaHula Hoop Alpaca

How did I sleep after such excitement? Well, I needed sleep because I just had to go skiing today with my friend James. We went to Arapahoe Basin and skiied ~6 runs because the lines were so long (and we are both out of ski-shape so our feet hurt something fierce). The lines were crazy long because there were only 2 lifts open today! There were only two lifts open because there were only 4 runs open. Yay early season skiing! However, I do have to say that the snow was better than I thought it would be, but this is also the earliest I have ever gone skiing so this was truly a new experience for me…

Be jealous.
Kate at ABasin

Bottom line: If you know any alpaca farmers in need of farmhands, you let me know… Or you or someone you know wants to pay someone to ski with them early season, you let me know…

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Don’t Panic

Today is all about not panicking.  The amazing economy has pushed REI and instead of pushing back, REI pushes me.  So, I find myself with no income for the next two weeks.  So, what does one do in order to keep her mind off of her impending homelessness and hunger?

She sews a hoodie.  Yup.  Baby #1 in my life is a Kenmore 150 that I have had for many years.
Baby 1
My baby does prom dresses, chicken suits, many hem-jobs, and, lately, one-piece hooded jumpsuits. I plan on taking this crazy-giant hoodie I got last weekend and turning it into a Kate-sized garment.
Giant Fright Flight Hoodie

It all comes down to stress relief.  I’ll show you the finished product soon.  If you need commissioned tayloring, let me know…

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