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New Local

Well, I am aiming to finish moving in with my friend Rob Prescott today. After talking with my friend Sam (the original person I was suppose to live with this month), she decided that me + her roommates + her would be a tight fit in the house. So, with two weeks notice that I did not have somewhere to live for January, I asked Rob. He said yes.

Unfortuantely/fortunately, he is away for the next 5 days. He is playing in the mountains. I will be working. Good thing I have his living room at my disposal! Mwa-Hahahaha!

But in the past two weeks, I have done fun stuff like snowshoe, ski, hang out, watch Southpark and cook. I have found out that I like making a lot of food and then eating it for a couple days. Making many small breakfast burritos and then eating them slowly over the week not only saves time in the morning, but also saves money. Breakfast if I were to eat out every morning–unhealthy and ~$3.50 every morning. Breakfast burrito–$0.50 sausage+$0.20 egg+$0.10 potato+$0.30 cheese+$0.10 tortilla=$1.20 awesome healthy breakfast burrito. That’s $6 for breakfast an entire work week/$24 for breakfast for an entire month… Word.

I have also made pot roast. Twice. Here’s the monetary breakdown for this: $5 meat, $1.70 potatoes, $1.20 carrots, $0.80 onion, $1.29 spice packet (ranch dressing mix), $1.29 vegetable stock = ~$10.50 for 5 to 6 meals (~$1.70-$2 per meal). And those are mostly organic/natural products. Rock!

So, staying on this healthy, inexpensive eating kick will also save me money. Woot! And so I plan on saving for a boat trip in late March/early April that my friend Arlo invited me on. Here are some pictures of me from the last boat trip:
That’s me with the red gloves and the excited “Woooooo!” face. Super excited for this trip!

Well, back to packing up/taking my bed apart/dancing.


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It’s been a while…

Sorry it has been a while. How I have missed you all. But, it has been an eventful two weeks. Let’s see, I last blogged right before I moved. I was packing–and having a blast with it, really. Until my old roommate went psycho on me. Which was not very fun, let me tell you. In a nutshell, she owed me a little bit of money over past internet bills and she had a problem with this. Instead of sitting down and rationally talking about it, she wrote me a sob-case letter about how I am a horrible, overbearing person. Well, this is the third time she has freaked out on me in the last 6 months and created drama out of nothing (the last time started with lettuce in the sink). Since I do not appreciate high-drama friends, I plan on having minimal contact with her for a while. I am high drama enough, thank you, without having other self-centric, high drama people in my life to muck it up further.

Anyways, onward with the story. I was trying to finish packing so that I could be moved before I flew to visit my sister at 6am, Nov. 27th. And I succeeded. Barely. Here was what some of the final chaos looked like:
Chaos Packing

But eventually, I got is all packed and moved. My good friend Jolly helped me move the big stuff like the futon and some mattresses. We moved the stuff to be stored into Sam Applegate’s garage for now… I finished moving and cleaned the apartment with 15 minutes to spare before I had to drive to the airport at 3am. Awesome!

Then I was off to visit family in Indiana and northern Kentucky. Woo hoo. This visit just solidifies how much I hate the midwest. As proof, I passed this amazing creation of humanity, Touchdown Jesus:

touchdown jesus
It is right outside of Cincinnati and is also as scary as it looks. Oh, I also realized how much you cannot choose your family, no matter how much you may want to. But that is for another blog altogether…

And then I came home to Colorado. And wow, was I happy to be back! But sans a physical home, where am I now “living”? Well, I have been enjoying the coziness of Mr. Lance Everette’s abode for about a week now. I have the front room:
new digs

I also realized how gracious a soul Lance is–I messed up his house and cluttered his back room while I was traveling… But, now I am here, settled, and happy. I still feel the need to downsize a bit, but whatever. So, if you have some extra cash or a free beer for some packing assistance, let me know…

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Well, in the last week, I have been interviewing with Jax Mercantile for a full time position in their camping/climbing department. I am happy to say that I accepted the position and am starting a new page in my career!

Duh duh duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh duh duh duh!


Why the career change, Kate? I have loved my time with REI, barring the minor things like panic attacks, and I have learned so much from that company. My coworkers are amazing and they brought joy to my life everyday I went into work. On top of that, I got along great with the management and was in the process of learning things like business numbers, how to control and direct my passion, and how to effectively communicate in a business setting–skills and knowledge good managers need in order to be successful. Again, I made this decision not based off of my dislike of REI…

I made this decision for the money. Pure and simple. I make $10.16 an hour at REI. Work me 26 hours and I make ~$280/wk. Not too bad. But REI has no legal obligation to work me at all. And as much as I would like to believe that the management team would not cut my hours down to nearly nothing, I am not reassured. I have no stability and no guarantee. Why do people shop at REI? The 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of the products we sell. They just don’t provide that for their employees.

Jax is starting me at $8.00 an hour plus the store’s commission, which is based off of how well our store meets our sales goal. We meet our goal–$1.00 is added to our hourly rate. We exceed our goal–more than $1.00 is added to our pay rate. We don’t meet our goal–between $0.56-$0.99 is added to our pay rate. So, right now, I am looking at $9/hr. A pay cut. However, 32-40 hours a week, guaranteed, at $9.00 an hour is still much better than what REI can offer me.

And this is why I feel bitter: Jax, a company who knows nothing about me, my ethics, my work practices, my sarcasm and sass, is willing to offer me a better deal than a company that knows my skills and what I have to offer. What is it that REI sees that makes them hesitant? What is it about my performance that has them so worried that I am a risky venture?

Oh well. These are needless questions. I have had one really good question lately: what is next for Kate? Well, if you forgot what I just talked about, I have a new job with Jax. But I am going to assume that you wanted to know more than that. So, I plan on pursuing a career in recreation retail management (working for retail outfits that sell recreation equipment) while developing a freelance graphic design/web design company that will, hopefully, work for small local companies.

How’s that for a lifestyle? When working: play with fun gear and work with customers ensuring that they have a fantastic time outdoors as well as play on a computer making sharp designs. When not working: free-time to play outside–cycling, climbing, skiing, hiking, ultimate frisbee, doing backflips, etc…

Indeed, it is time to move on. In 3 days it is time to move. And in celebration of a new job and the beginning of an adventure, I will not hassle you, my lovely readers, with any proposition or money-making scheme.

But just this once.

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