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This is something I was expecting. Only it is way more enjoyable that I expected.

Oh yes, I am talking about awkward and random moments with my “host”. You know, walking from the bathroom in my towel–awkward. Or walking into the backroom only to find a cute pair of eyes staring down at me from the top shelf amidst all the potted plants:

But I have actually considered trying out some awkward moments to test some limits. For instance, maybe making breakfast naked.

All this stemmed from a conversation about making this experience a reality show. The hosts are contestants and whomever does the best job hosting wins! But there would be tests, such as who survives the best through awkward moments or who makes me the best pies (hint hint Sam). Host physical attractiveness and couch comfiness were also potential qualifiers.

What do yall think? Should I push the idea to a network? I think I could make some money off this idea, so let me know…


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Here is something that has been accumulating randomly, needlessly:
Wine bottles
That’s right. Wine bottles. This is an example of filling space just to fill space. I envision this happening one day:

In Tulum, Mexico; note the use of several Carlo Rosse bottles...

In Tulum, Mexico; note the use of several Carlo Rosse bottles...

But that day is not today. I do not own a house that I can do this to, yet. I guess I could make an inlay of a table or something rad like that…but that will not happen today either.

So, why collect them? In some vain attempt to comfort myself about not owning a place–not being successful enough to own my own space? To simulate what my life would be like if I had my own place that I could corrupt in my own fashion? Probably a combination of both. The drinking of wine and saving the now empty vessel is as close as I come these days to that space, to that successful career… Besides, if I did own a place, this would probably be just another one of my grand project ideas that I halfway start only to leave it by the wayside before completion. How…depressing.

But why do people accumulate useless things like wine bottles? What is missing from their lives that requires such a useless, space-occupying object to collect dust in their homes? What is missing from my life that I needed to accumulate wine bottles?

My mom has a giant, glass case at home (sorry no pictures). In this case, many fascinating items rest. Also, many useless items rest there. She has a giant (and I meant giant) case full (and I mean full) of useless trinkets, some of which aren’t interesting or even pleasant to look at…sorry, Mom. Why, pray tell, do we have these giant cases of useless stuff?

An age-old question that will continue to age as far as I am concerned. I am just thinking out loud–not answering my own questions. Then I would truly be going crazy…

Oh well. Nine days until I start couch surfing… If anyone needs help building a wall of wine bottles or needs help emptying bottles for such a wall, you let me know…

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I came to a realization today that I might have to give up one of my most cherished things in order to do this couch surfing… And if you are an intelligent reader, you would have figured out that it is my morning ritual.

I love breakfast. My typical eating habit involves eating a bunch of food in the morning and then grazing the rest of the day. Sure I have lunch and dinner meals, but they are not at set times like when I was a kid. Did you know that I got grounded at least once a week as a kid because I was routinely 5 minutes late to the dinner table? It never occurred to me to be 5 minutes early just in case. There was too much fun to be had to stick to a rock-solid schedule like “dinner is at 6 pm every night”… What is time but an arbitrarily measurement of existence, anyway? Why can’t I set up my own arbitrary “time” measurement and make everyone work according to my schedule?

Well, I think that this is what this couch surfing experiment is about to me. I need to let go of the arbitrary as well as learn to live by others rules for a while. I deeply believe this will only make me a better person.

Back to the theme. Mornings. I love mornings. I have slowly come to adore this aspect of me–“morning-person.” I get up with sunlight. It is the best alarm clock in the world. If it gets unplugged, no big deal–the sun always rises. Even if it is cloudy out, there is plenty of morning light shifting through the clouds to make its brilliant way through my ever-open window and right onto my sleepy face.

I also love breakfast. Eggs are amazing. Bacon is a superfood. Sausage–shut up. It is delicious. Add an avocado and your breakfast just got crazy delicious. And coffee…mmmm, coffee.

So, what is the normal Kate routine, you may ask? Well, get up and use the bathroom. Then, go make coffee, and check my email. I might even play around a bit on the web before making breakfast. And there is even a normal Kate breakfast. First, I fry up a cubed red potatoes (the size of my breakfast is measured by the size of my potato). Once done, I pour one or two eggs (with some yolk taken out to increase the protein:fat ratio) over top. Crumble some cheese onto the cooking eggs and put a dollup of salsa, scramble up the mixture, and there, my friends, is the standard Kate breakfast. Serve with avocado if you got one.

I, then, get down to business. Lately, that entails checking out a career in graphic design. Today, business = post on my blog.

However, I feel that I might not be able to enjoy this routine to its fullest while surfing on other people’s kindness. I might have to…learn to live by someone else’s time clock. Maybe I’ll be the first up in the morning. Maybe I’ll be the last. Can I leisurely make my breakfast? What about the routine I do to make my coffee? Yes, there’s a routine. Oh, and did I mention my aversion to chit-chat type conversations in the morning? Or people getting between me and doing my coffee-making or breakfast-making routines?

I need to learn to let go. Adapt. Intelligently design…oh wait. That last one is crap.

So, with that, I will leave you with these photos. Imagine, after three days without a meal of food, existing off of almonds, crackers, tuna, cheese and bread; four days of being soaking wet from traveling through a hurricane; and two nights of paying WAY too much money to stay in the accommodations that we did, Ellen and I get to Corozol, Belize around 8:30am. We settle on a place for breakfast, which was magnificent not only for the hearty, delicious food, but also because it was the first real meal in three days, we were dry for the first time in four days, and it was inexpensive… Oh, and it was the first coffee I had had in, oh…five or six days? And the last coffee I had could be better described as a sauce–nay a syrup–it was so thick…

a basket of fry jacks (fried dough).

Eggs scrambled with tomatoes topped with shredded cheese. Refried beans. In the background, you can discern the best part of Belizian breakfast: a basket of fry jacks (fried dough).

Coffee Heaven
So, if you know anyone who needs a stellar, enthusiastic personal breakfast cook, you let me know…

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