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What is on sale? Well, once in my not-too-distance past, I owned my own business as a romance enhancement specialist–also known as a sex toy distributor. I quit the biz in order to focus on my master’s thesis and graduate sooner than later, but I still have stock laying around. And so it is time to move the excess.

So, after doing the math, if I sell all of this stuff I have marked 60-90% off, then I would make ~$580. And not have to move it later. And not have to invest in new storage containers because this stuff:
SP Stuff
would not be in said containers any more… Do that math–that is $1400-$3800 worth of product I have “laying around,” wanting–nay needing–to be useful.

WAIT! I forgot the lingerie!!! Closet of Sexiness
Scratch that. We can add at least $70 to that figure. Yup. So, this will be a space-saving, money-making experience. And simple. Set a date and invite all my girl-friends–check. Make finger foods–check. Provide drinks–check. Show them the product–can do… I am really looking forward to this stuff-relief celebration party!

So, deciding to let go of some of my bigger stuff is a bit harder. Mostly because I am poor. Isn’t that a confusing thought. If I am poor, wouldn’t selling my stuff make me less poor?

Well, yes it would, my math-genius friend! But think of how much I would have to invest to get that stuff back if I ever rent my own space again. I am not talking about magnets:
meager magnets
I am talking about chairs:
And outdoor furniture and tables, and a dresser of drawers, and a shelf, and a headboard/entertainment center:

This is “stuff” but not cheap stuff. So, sure, I could sell it off for money, but what, pray tell, will I sit on/work on/put clothes in/put books on/display my meager entertainment collection on once I get a new place in 3 or 6 months?

Creative solution–I am going to let my friends “borrow” my furniture. Jennifer Marquette needs chairs. I have chairs. She can “have” my chairs until I stop couch surfing. That way, the stuff is providing the services they were made to provide! They will be useful. Oh, and I become a great friend because that is no money out of Jenn’s pocket to get chairs until at least the end of her lease… Robb Prescott said he needed a table or two…

However, I think I can still live without a shelf and a dresser and an entertainment center/headboard. And some of my tables. So, if you know anyone who needs any of these items, you let me know…


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Hello world!

I find it funny that the default title is “Hello world!”  Really? As if I have not seen the world before and banged my head against walls and felt the defeat of my life over and over (especially in these last eight months)…  Oh, now I see it and greet it loudly: Hello world!  I have started a blog and I am alive now!

Anyways, welcome to the world of Couch Surfing! These up-and-coming posts will revolve around all the preparations I am making in order to couch surf. What I am acquiring, and, more probably, what I am letting go of.  And probably through the lovely device I call Craigslist…

For example, I am selling my brand-spanking new bike rack.  I haven’t even used it once.  It is still in the box:

Bike Carrier still in the box...

I was so happy when I bought my new toy.  So happy.  But it comes down to one little thing: “Will I use it while I am couch surfing?” I think not.  I think not.  Will I ever get such a killer deal on a hitch-mount bike carrier? No. But I have to let go of this…this stuff.

Stuff! Uh. Even the word is ugly! Why have I accumulated so much ugly words!

Anyway, if anyone needs a hitch-mounted 4-bike carrier, you let me know…

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