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Yup. Pictures to follow. Rob P. is fully legit, btw. I have a little bit more stuff than he thought but took it in stride. Plus, I am gonna store a little of it–there was stuff I needed at Lance’s that I don’t need here. Like a couple blankets because Lance’s house is cold.

Anyways, just woke up and walked to Lamar’s Donuts to grab some coffee and donuts. Then I checked my email, XKCD, Exploding Dog and Buy Olympia for the lastest cool artsy stuff. I like living here already.

I did have a moment of longing last night as I was moving stuff over. I really really wanted my own place. Having my own place to claim as “my own place”, not having to move stuff around, have friends over, etc… It would be chill. This was the first time I felt that so far.

But yeah. Gotta get ready for work. Which I love, btw. I love working at Jax.



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